Diesel Fuel Treatment

Alliant Power fuel treatments are specifically formulated to give you outstanding fuel system protection and engine performance, in all kinds of conditions.

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All-season, multi-functional diesel fuel treatment that is designed to improve base fuel quality providing superior fuel system protection under all operating conditions.

  • Restores Engine Power & Torque
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Cleans Internal & External Injector Deposits
  • Removes Water by Demulsification
  • Protects Against Rust & Corrosion
  • Cleans Deposits & Eliminates Stiction in Common Rail Injectors

To see how ULTRAGUARD® compares with competitive products, please visit our ULTRAGUARD® Technical Information page.



Highly concentrated lubricating diesel fuel treatment with cetane improver that has been developed using a unique combination of additives designed to supplement dry fuels that are known to cause premature wear of the fuel system.

  • Lubricates Fuel System Reducing Friction & Wear
  • Restores Engine Power & Torque
  • Increases Cetane for Improved Engine Combustion
  • Cleans Internal & External Injector Deposits





Extreme cold weather diesel fuel treatment designed to prevent common diesel fuel issues relating to extreme cold temperatures providing improved cold starting and cold weather engine performance.

  • Provides Anti-Gel Protection
  • Prevents Ice Formation in Fuel
  • Improves Diesel Pour Point by up to 40°F/22°C
  • Improves Fuel Filter Plug Point by up to 40°F/22°C