Alliant Power 24-Month Warranty

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In December of 2017, Alliant Power enhanced their best-in-class 13-month standard warranty with Alliant Power WARRANTYPLUS. WARRANTYPLUS is a two-part enhancement offering guaranteed acceptance for part only warranty submissions or extended warranty coverage when seeking parts and labor for G2.8, 6.4L Piezo and HEUI new and remanufactured injectors. Please visit for additional information regarding WARRANTYPLUS.

Since its introduction, customer feedback has been tremendous as a result of this enhancement. Countless stories of increased confidence in Alliant Power, their products and the enabling of their network to take better care of the customer if an issue arises. In an effort to continue to increase their competitiveness in the aftermarket, Alliant Power is enhancing their standard warranty duration from 13-months to 24-months, unlimited mileage. This applies to all Alliant Power products that do not qualify for WARRANTYPLUS coverage. Alliant Power remanufactured diesel particulate filters (DPFs) will remain 13-months, unlimited mile/hour warranty. Further, Alliant Power WARRANTYPLUS remains unchanged. Please visit for additional information.