Training Events

August 17-18, 2021
Power Stroke® 6.7L Update Training Course

The Scorpion motor as the 6.7L was called when introduced by Ford in 2011 model year. This was a new diesel engine that was different using reverse flow cylinder heads and piezo common rail injection from Bosch. The use of an enclosed EGR cooler and two cooling systems gave technicians new technology to understand when diagnosing issues. There were updates to the turbocharger and the EGR cooler using primary cooling. The aftertreatment with diesel particulate filter (DPF) and selective catalyst reduction (SCR) is evaluated to ensure emission reduction by NOX sensors and particulate sensor.

In this updated two day course, Tony Salas instructor and a technician, will review the operation and design of the Powerstroke 6.7L. He will discuss the use of the service information where Ford provides numerous procedures in repairing issues with this powertrain. He will review updates on:

  • Common rail testing procedures/fundamental testing and reduce CP4 injection pump failures. Discuss injector evaluation on vehicle, programming issues with IQA codes.
  • Engine operation and testing, understand the issues brought about by excessive crankcase gases (blowby)
  • CAN communication, review diagnostic link connector (DLC). Resolve no communication issues.
  • Review diesel particulate filter (DPF) ash accumulation and soot issues. A hard look on servicing but also preventing issues.
  • Review charging system wiring and diagnosis. What to do when the charging light is on?
  • Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) issues will be discussed. Training will review the operation but also the tests needed to diagnose derate issues and NOX reduction complaints. A thorough discussion on DEF fluid and NOX sensor role in emission reduction.
  • Diagnosis using the scan tool. Review of KOEO and KOER self tests. Develop proper skills using and knowing tests provided by the scan tool.

Turbocharger operation and updates will be provided. Training will include review and role playing of diagnostic procedures.

August 19-20, 2021
Duramax® Diesel 6.6L Update Training Course

Duramax Diesel was introduced in 2001 with the LB7 and has evolved through the years. LLY engine to the LBZ and on to the LMM brought significant changes with the electronics and emission components. The LMM brought changes and the first with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). The LML and LGH brought newer challenges with revised emission controls and use of a full aftertreatment system that included DPF but also selective catalyst reduction (SCR). For 2017 a new change was brought in with the L5P and L5D found in the 6500 series trucks.

This course is designed to update the current technician with the latest technology found on new LML, LGH, L5D and the L5P. Topics include engine design updates, service, and diagnosis. Diagnosis evolves with revised fuel systems found which include Bosch common rail and Denso common rail. Technicians will be updated on the procedures to follow in working with aftertreatment. The aftertreatment will be reviewed and discuss issues that can be found. The key to diagnosing issues involves the powertrain as a whole. Training will include repair of various diagnostic trouble codes that involve aftertreatment, common rail and turbocharger. Emphasis will be on derate issues brought on by insufficient NOx reduction to fuel timing and quantity.

Demonstrations will include use of the service manual and scan tool.


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